Numéca arose from a know-how and from a mastery of a profession: the mechanics of high precision.

The NUMECA company was created in 1979. The operation was based then essentially on important relations with the company SNECMA, GE Medical System and GE Power. These relations allowed the development of a technology: The rectification in the early slow mass and the deep pass.

Quality assurance
" The own of companies always was to satisfy a market, that is customers, by offering products adapted to their expectations, by assuring a durable service which only the Quality of the product can really guarantee.
Indeed, a company as NUMECA, evolving in this highly competitive market today has to, to protect its perpetuity, demonstrate a know-how which distinguishes it, and especially to assure the Quality of its products.

It is this control which, to her only, will guarantee a reliability such as it will become the dominant element of the satisfaction and the development of customer loyalty of our customers. "

This initiative Quality has to end that our organization answers the requirements of the standards of the series ISO 9000 in the objective of the certification but also that it remains suffisament flexible, effective and rational so that Quality does not become any more synonymic of loss of profitability.


For that purpose, the Quality has to be at the same time:
- The problem of each
- The preoccupation of all
- One concerns constantly,
And has to join as the essential axis of the moral contract which binds each of us to NUMECA and to the community of men and women who animate it.

It is these stakes which nourissent my determination to make of the Quality, once again, a priority objective.
That is why, I make a commitment to implement the means and to make obligation to all the members of staff, whatever is their function, to respect the procedures concerning them. "

The CEO, Henri Bassery.

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